Our range of products include

Galvanized Steel Framed Gates

Single and double gates

We custom manufacture all our gates frames for both swinging and sliding gates.

For our single and double gates we use 30/30mm Duragal steel and are all made to size.

Ball bearing hinges are welded onto the frames to provide long term reliability.

Hinges should be greased every 12-24 months to ensure long term reliable operation.

Sliding pad bolts and drop bolts are supplied and fitted as required.

To secure gates we have a range of latches including a black Ring latch (standard)  – also available in Chrome and Brass, “D” latch operated through a hand hole in the gate , or a double sided key lock (if security is an issue).

Sliding Gates

We manufacture all our Sliding gates to suit each individual location.

Each gate is built on a 100/50 base rail with wheels inserted into the Duragal rail. The 30/30 frame is built on the base rail and is individual to ensure a matched outcome for the adjoining fencing.

Sliding gates can be made from 2.7m – 5.0m wide to suit individual locations and requirements.

Operation can be manual or by remote control. We use and recommend the Mhouse brand of remote controllers as they have proved to be reliable as well as having options to add solar power and battery storage, extra hand held transmitters, “piggy backs” for garage doors.

Mhouse also offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all equipment.

All gates can be clad with all types of timber finishes in order to match fencing styles.

Sliding gates provide a great space saving option and are very convenient combined with a remote control to enable to you to simply drive in and out of your property.

Merbau Fencing

Merbau is a hard wood that is seen both in decks as well as fencing.

The red/brown colour is very popular for more contemporary locations.

This fencing can be installed with either concealed posts or “Exposed” posts – seen from the front. Posts for this fencing are Dressed All Round to improve the finished outcome.

Merbau decking is fixed using Galvanized decking screws or “Hardened” gal nails.

For Horizontal Merbau fencing posts are generally installed at 1.8m centres with droppers mid bay. To provide a visible feature Galvanized posts may be used to provide a colour contrast which looks most striking.

The colour of Merbau is due to a natural pigment and to retain the natural colour, it should be re-oiled approximately every 12 months.

Prior to the first oiling / staining you will need to wash down the decking boards to remove any excess pigment which can accumulate during the time timber has been stacked and transported. This is usually done with a decking brush or a high pressure sprayer. Care should be taken to ensure the pigment is washed off any concrete or rendered surface immediately as staining can occur if left.

Paling Fences

Treated pine paling fences are by far the most common residential boundary fencing alternative.
Built with either Cypress or Grey Gum Posts, our fences up to 1.95m high have 3 x 75/50mm Treated pine rails and 1 x 150/25 Plinth.
Fences 2.5m or higher would have 4 rails installed to ensure palings are well secured.
“Lipped” or “Gabled” Capping is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to improve the look and length of life of your fencing – particularly front fencing or any fencing attached to your house.

Treated Pine paling fence ids the most inexpensive timber for fencing and as such you may see some variations in colour, knots etc.
Treated Pine timber being a natural product, can, on some occasions warp and split. This is not necessarily a fault but can occur as a result of weathering of the timber.

To minimize timber faults, we warehouse all our stock in our large warehouse in Mentone to ensure you receive the most consistent and protected timber stock

Picket Fencing

To enhance and beautify the presentation of your property, Picket fencing is and attractive and cost effective way of achieving this.

Picket fencing can be ornate and decorative to fit with properties built in the 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s. The use of “Windsor” or “Tudor” pickets and decorative laser cut “motif panels” can look very much in keeping with the age of particular properties.
For more modern properties the use of Cypress or Merbau decking and Lipped Capping works very well to compliment the property.
Laser cut panels may also be incorporated in picket fencing to enhance the presentation.
Our Gallery shows many varied options which may be appropriate for your property.
All picket fencing needs to be painted to preserve the timber. We recommend the most effective way to paint a picket fence is to paint the frame once installed and then paint the pickets once fixed onto the frame.
Should you wish to have the painting done we are able to quote for the painting to be done or alternatively we can recommend a painter for you.


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