Merbau Fencing

With its durability, low expansion rate, and reddish-brown tone that easily adds a touch of sophistication to any home, it’s hard not to see why Merbau slats are becoming increasingly popular amongst households in Australia for the purpose of fencing and sliding and single gates.

But these qualities are secondary when compared to Merbau timber’s ability to resist termites and as a bushfire resistant timber, makes it a clear winner for outdoor uses such in fences and gates.

“Thank you Geoff, our new Merbau fence looks amazing. Credit to your professional team of installers.” – David

Merbau Fencing Gallery

Merbau wood fences

Merbau timbers are easily workable, versatile, and can be customised to the style and specification of your property. The result is an attractive gate or fence that also offers a high degree of privacy from the outside world which can do wonders for your property’s value.

For Merbau slat fencing, we offer varying slat widths ranging from 70mm, 90mm, and 140mm along with 125/75 or 125/125 Cypress or galvanised steel posts. Where exposed posts are preferred, 70/45 KD treated pine droppers would be fitted to the inside of each post to attach the slats, and also included mid bay to ensure slats remain in the correct position.

Merbau wood maintenance

Once installed your new Merbau fence will need to be washed down and brushed to remove the excess pigment tannin which are accumulated during storage and transport.

Merbau timber are known for the its ability to retain colour naturally for a long time, but we take the extra step of oiling or staining the slats to further preserve the natural timber colour. We recommend re-coating the Merbau timber every 12 months to preserve the aesthetics of your fence.