Timber Paling Fences

Treated timber paling fences grew in popularity as the most common and cost-effective residential fencing solution. With the help of treated timber posts, rails, and palings butted to support each other, a treated timber paling fence provides your home with much needed privacy and security.

Treated timber paling fences are Melbourne’s most popular and resilient fences and can add value to the property it is installed on. These fences are resistant to decay and insects, making it one of the most well-regarded choice for home security while adding a touch of class to the aesthetics of your home.

What We Offer

When it comes to paling fences, we offer a wide variety of timber that suit your cost, security and aesthetic preference…


Lustrous golden appearance coupled with robust and durable structural integrity makes cypress the perfect choice for cost-efficient paling fences that are both ornamental and resilient in Australia. Cypress naturally resists termites and thanks to the natural oil it produces, also gives it decay and insect repelling properties.

Capping and posts

Built with either cypress or galvanised steel posts, our fences measuring 2.25m or higher are built with three 75/50mm treated pine rails and one 150/25 plinth.

Fences measuring 2.5m or higher would have four rails installed to ensure palings are well secured.

All our fences are built with “lipped” or “gabled” capping which are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and a great way to improve the look and length of life of your fencing – particularly front fencing or any fencing attached to your property.

Treated pine

The most commonly used type of timber for decks and fences in both residential and commercial properties in Australia. Treated pine are inexpensive, rot resistant, and when painted or stained can add a striking visual impact on your property.

However, given that it is a natural product, it may occasionally warp and split as a result of weathering of the timber. To minimise this, we warehouse all our stock in Mentone to ensure you receive the most consistent and protected timber stock that can stand the test of time and weather.