Regardless of where you live in Melbourne, the front entrance to your property is one of the first impressions people see. The front gate is a feature not to be overlooked. Apart from preventing unauthorised access to your property, gates also help keep your children safe and your pets indoors.

Then there’s the aesthetic qualities that a gate can add to your property. When properly installed, gates can add visual impact through unique shapes, designs, and colours available.

We have options available for powered remote controls. Other than regular 240v weather proof power point installation, we have a 24V option (similar to garden lighting), as well as Solar – if the cost of providing power becomes prohibitive

Finally, the combination of both added security and aesthetics can potentially increase the value of your property.

Choosing the right gate for you

Gates are additions to your home that can stand the test of time, but not every gate is right for every home. To ensure you choose the best one that suits your requirements, here are some points to consider:


Gates of all shapes and sizes can be designed with materials such as galvanised steel, iron, and wood. While galvanised steel and iron gates are heavy, they offer the highest security due to the strength and durability of the materials.

Wooden gates on the other hand are generally more aesthetically pleasing but are heavy and may require more maintenance compared to metal gates.


Our custom manufactured single and double gates are all made to size to ensure proper fit and clearance.


Choosing the right opening action will depend on the space available. For properties with restricted space, a swinging gate is recommended. Swinging gates make use of a motorised articulated arm that can be installed in an inward or outward swing configuration depending on space and degree of slope.

For properties with more space beside the gate or with steep slopes that make swinging gates an unviable option, a sliding gate is an ideal choice. Sliding gates move parallel to the entrance with the help of a track or cantilever system.


Be it a flat-topped, picket, or arched gate with finials, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to design as each style is guaranteed to add to the visual impact of your home.


Automatic gates allow for a wide range of accessories that can further enhance the security of your home and ease of opening and closing the gate.

For latches we recommend D + D products including Lokk Latch Deluxe – double-sided key lock, alternatively we offer standard black ring latch and sliding pad bolts.

For electronics, we recommend the Mhouse brand of remote controllers as they have proved to be reliable as well as having options to add solar power and battery storage, extra handheld transmitters, and “piggy backs” for garage doors. Mhouse also offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all equipment.

Additional add-ons

Customers may be required to engage their own electrician. Contact us for more info on the services we provide in relation to these add-ons.

Depending on your budget, other add-ons that can be considered include a voice or video intercom system that lets visitors alert you to their presence and allow you to speak to them, vehicle exiting device that automatically opens the gate without a remote upon detecting a moving vehicle, and an indoor gate control unit that lets you open and close the gate from inside your home.