Batten Fences

Batten fences have become very popular  and really compliment modern homes. They are similar to picket fences but provide a “chunkier” look.

Posts for these fences could be concealed or exposed (seen from the front).

Galvanized posts are sometimes used to create a standout feature.


Batten fencing is built using Kiln Dried Treated Pine rails and plinth (building grade timber) so as to ensure a higher quality fencing outcome. Posts would be “Dressed All Round” so as to be ready for painting or staining.

We recommend all feature fencing be stained or painted as soon as practical following the installation so as to protect the timber as best as possible.

Battens could be either Hardwood – Silver Ash, Merbau – 19/55mm, 40/55mm, 40/65mm, 40/40mm, or Treated Pine (pre-primed). They are usually 42/42mm, 42/32mm or 42/19mm wide.

Also available now is “Radial Sawn Batten” which has a narrow leading face and wider rear face. These timbers are available in Silver Ash Hardwood in varying widths and thicknesses. They provide a very elegant looking screen fence and can be stained, painted or allowed to weather to provide a “greyer” look if appropriate.
Radial Sawn Battens are available in various sizes including 55/40mm,

Spacing is usually at approx 15-20mm to enable painting or staining between the battens.

Fixing battens closer may present issues in painting or staining.


Battens over a thickness of 19mm would be pre drilled and screwed to the frame using galvanized decking screws.


Typical batten fencing specifications:

125/75 or 125/125 Cypress Posts – Dressed All Round ready for painting

3 x 70/45 Kiln Dried Treated pine rails

140/35 Kiln Dried Treated pine plinth

of class to the aesthetics of your home.