Originally built to keep livestock in the yard and to protect gardens from stray animals, today the picket fence continues to serve the same functional role. However, with the introduction of new materials and designs, picket fences have become more than just a security fixture, it has also taken on a decorative role, one that will undoubtedly enhance the value of your property.

Picket Fences Gallery

Custom manufactured picket panels and posts

It’s not just about the security it provides for your home, when it comes to picket fences, we like to take advantage of the ample room for creativity. Which is why we provide customisable picket panels and posts that help your property stand out.

Be it the traditional white picket fence or something bold and vibrant – whatever your aesthetic preferences are, we’ll be able to meet them.

When it comes to wooden picket fences, we offer treated pine, cypress, redwood, and hardwood – each with a unique grain and colour. All our wooden picket fence panels are treated to help them resist termites and weather damage.

Practical add-ons for your picket fence

The versatility of picket fencing allows for a wide range of add-ons that help enhance the look and functionality of your picket fence.

Laser cut motif panels and picket fence capping can help add another layer of visual impact while custom picket gates and picket fence letterboxes provide extra functionality to your picket fence that is in keeping with the aesthetic direction of your property.